This Is The Scientific Way To Tell If Your Significant Other's Been Cheating On You

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“The results are in and you are not the father.”

We’ve all seen these dramatic cheating revelations play out on TV, but as it turns out, you don’t need Jerry Springer or Maury to confirm your sneaking suspicions that your significant other is cheating. According to one new study, just listening to the tone of your partner’s voice could give you every answer you need.

The study, published in Evolutionary Psychology, listening to tone is key when confronting a partner you think is cheating. While pitch refers to the high or low register of a voice, tone speaks more to the fullness or shrillness of a spoken phrase.

“Evidence suggests that many physical, behavioral, and trait qualities can be detected solely from the sound of a person’s voice,” wrote the study’s authors, Susan Hughes and Marissa Harrison.

To test their theory, the scientists gathered 152 undergraduate students to take part in their analysis: 64 men and 88 women who all identified as heterosexual.

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