This Dog's Nose Led Him To A Discovery That Stunned Everyone Who Saw It

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A dog by the name of Orejón has made quite the name for himself in the small town of Vincent Lopez, Argentina.

When a neighbor’s house went up in flames two months ago, the alert pup quickly notified the family. Since that time, as Orejón and his owner roam the streets, there’s not a day that goes by where the tiny pup isn’t recognized as a local hero.

So seeing Orejón out and about wouldn’t normally be cause for alarm, but when one neighbor noticed a disturbing look on the dog’s face, they knew something was up. The cause of Orejón’s obvious discomfort came from a horrifying discovery inside a grocery bag.

Inside the plastic bag was a sleeping child that had been left for dead.

The baby was just a few weeks old and appeared severely malnourished and was showing signs of hypothermia.

After discovering the baby, the little one was taken to a nearby hospital and declared to be in good health. Following the discovery, police are still trying to locate the child’s family as well as determine why they abandoned the baby.

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