I Have A Sneaking Suspicion That This Dog Really Doesn't Like His Human's Flute Skills

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When you think of your favorite musicians, it’s important to remember that even the most advanced instrumentalists started off as total novices.

Learning an instrument can be a difficult task, and having the discipline to keep with it can be even more taxing. But thanks to my love of music I was able to take up band in elementary school, and in addition to mastering the euphonium, I was also able to teach myself piano and guitar in my free time. And while outside practice can be an important aspect of learning a new instrument, not every member of the household will be so keen on listening to you practice.

But when it comes to this beginner flute player, her four-legged pal has already reached his breaking point.

Whenever the young girl begins playing, her retriever can be heard in the background moaning and groaning for the music to stop.


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How dare she interrupt his nap like this? Eventually, the young musician can’t help but laugh at her pet’s reaction to her attempts at making music.


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This honest pooch is able to say what most of us are too afraid to tell our tone-deaf friends. You don’t need to speak dog to know that this little fella has had enough of his owner’s musical nonsense.

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