I Asked Three Plastic Surgeons How They Would Change My Face And Everyone Answered Differently

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And yeah, I’ve always wondered what I might look like with a more classically beautiful face…except that beauty is SUPER subjective.

Not everyone finds every face attractive and that’s OK!

Also, before we dive into this, here is a quick and important series of Things You Should Know:

1. This is obviously just a thought experiment.

2. I do not actually want to be turned into a fashion model.

3. All three plastic surgeons said that if a patient were to really come to them and ask for their face to be turned into that of a fashion model’s, they would have very significant concerns; you can’t just receive a Gigi Hadid face like it’s a breath mint at the end of dinner.

Thank you for your kind attention! Now, let’s get to it.

To be honest, I am not super surprised they are all different:

I know that facial symmetry is technically just math, but if I have learned anything during my four years at BuzzFeed, it’s that no one agreeson anything everwhen it comes to all things regarding women. Everyone has tastes and preferences, even when you’re working within a really tight standard.

But what I didn’t anticipate was that I would have a completely different opinion than all three.

Full disclosure: I was very afraid that when I started this, that I would see a face that I would like much better than my own. That the ~winning face~ would just haunt the crap out of me until I threw down how ever much money it cost in order to get it. But it didn’t happen.

To be clear, plastic surgery is an important science, and no one should be judged for getting it. There are many people for whom plastic surgery means having a fuller, happier life, and we should let people be happy!

But I grew up never seeing a face like mine represented anywhere in the TV or movies or media I watched. So why not have my face there now?

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