He Started By Grabbing Her Daughter's Hands. Now This Mom Is Hunting Him Down.

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On May 31, a unidentified mom in Houston, Texas, was horrified to find out that a man had been molesting her little girl for three years.

After the mother called police and reported 33-year-old Celso Jaimes, whose relationship to her isn’t clear, he was charged with sexual assault of a child but disappeared before they could arrest him. Now she’s sharing his photo on social media and begging for others to help her find him.

“It started very slowly when she was 12,” the mother said. “Grabbing hands, hugging and it didn’t progress to major stuff until this past year.”

When the woman’s sister came across his phone, she found sexually explicit photos and videos of Jaimes and the little girl. That’s when the mom learned the awful truth.

Jaimes ran off shortly after being confronted by the girl’s mom. Police are looking for him, but he hasn’t been seen since.

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