“Game Of Thrones” Is Probably Bringing Back This Fan Fave Next Week

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As great as it would be to see Arya fucking up her enemies with her direwolf by her side, it seems unlikely Nymeria will become Arya’s sidekick after years of running wild. I mean, if that wolf is Nymeria, she’s not looking super friendly. In the books, she’s the leader of a wild pack of wolves in the Riverlands, so there’s a good chance that’s what we’ll see on screen. Nymeria’s wildness could serve as a mirror for Arya’s, as she runs around Westeros viciously murdering her enemies.

On the other hand, a momentary meeting between the pair could serve as a reminder to Arya of her roots, and how wolves are stronger in packs. Perhaps it’ll set her on the path to Winterfell, instead of King’s Landing as she stated in the premiere. And, of course, this being Game of Thrones, there’s a chance Nymeria will return only to die (RIP Shaggydog, RIP Summer, RIP all direwolves and other characters who deserved better).

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